The Unfolding Campaign to Save the Death Penalty

The Marshall Project by MAURICE CHAMMAH

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It Shouldn’t Take 30 Years to Execute a Convicted Cold Blooded Killer in California

By Kermit Alexander-Nov 13, 2015

The Death Penalty is not an easy topic to discuss. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a perfect world where we did not have to worry about protecting our family and loved ones from evil? However, we do!

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SF Chronicle-Kermit Alexander’s life sentence

By Debra J. Saunders November 13, 2015

Former San Francisco 49ers star Kermit Alexander is death penalty opponents’ worst nightmare. Foes of the death penalty argue that the criminal justice system is skewed against African Americans and that prosecutors are less likely to seek the death penalty when victims are black. Alexander is an African American who grew up in the projects of Los Angeles. So were the four members of his family slain in a 1984 contract killing gone wrong. He has watched the three black men convicted for the murders try to escape responsibility for their crimes. In prison Darren Williams — the Rolling 60s Crips gang member in charge of the contract hit to kill a disabled woman who lived two doors down the street — has his own website, Free Darren Williams, with a link, “Black Lives Matter.”

 “Black lives matter,” Alexander, 74, repeated as I spoke with him and his wife, Tami, recently, “What about my family? They didn’t matter.”

Now Alexander is on a crusade. It has been almost three decades since Tiequon Cox, one of three men convicted for the killings, was sentenced to death. As one of 19 San Quentin death row inmates to have exhausted all of his appeals, Cox should be among the first inmates to be executed — when and if California resumes lethal injection. Toward that end, Alexander sued the state to propose a one-drug protocol likely to pass muster in federal court. This month the state complied. He also is behind a ballot measure to expedite a moribund appellate process.

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LA Times-Federal appeals court upholds California’s death penalty review

By Maura Dolan and Joseph Serna

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2016 Initiative Launch Press Event

Monica Vaughan-Appeal Democrat-Hopper wants death penalty reform

Sutter County District Attorney Amanda Hopper is working with partners to gather support for legislation to reform the death penalty.

She says without reform, the death penalty would be lost.

“There are certain acts that are so heinous and unconscionable that they warrant the severest of punishments. To take away the death penalty as an option for sentencing reduces accountability and subverts justice,” Hopper said Friday.

Two men are currently awaiting execution for victimizing Yuba-Sutter residents.

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CBS 2 LA-Families Of Murder Victims Seek Death Penalty Reforms In California

LOS ANGELES (  —  Advocates for death penalty reform are trying to get sweeping changes made in the way California’s justice system.

On Friday, a large group of power players — among them people who have lost loved ones to murder — made their case to the media.

The group, in turn, wants the voters to make the final call on their reform ideas at the ballot box.

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AP-BRIAN MELLEY-Prosecutors, police and family of slain launch California campaign to changes to death penalty

LOS ANGELES — California prosecutors, police officers and family members of the slain launched a campaign Friday to speed up executions for murderers sentenced to death.

Sacramento district attorney Anne Marie Schubert said the effort follows through on a promise that law enforcement made when fighting a 2012 ballot initiative that aimed to abolish the death penalty. Rather than get rid of the ultimate punishment, they vowed to fix it.

Schubert said the penalty is reserved for the “worst of the worst:” mass killers, serial killers, cop killers and those who rape and murder children.

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NBC 4 LA-Group Including Former NFL Star Seeks to Reform Death Penalty

Community leaders, victims, and elected officials came together Friday to announce new efforts to reform and reinstate the death penalty in California, despite expected opposition.


“We made a commitment to the public,” said San Bernardino District Attorney Michael Ramos. “We made a commitment that we would fix the death penalty. That is something that we owe the citizens of the state of California, the murdered victims, and the victims’ families.”

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OPINION: Fix California’s death penalty process

BY MIKE RAMOS Published: January 03, 2014; 07:51 PM

Two things about the death penalty in California are true: The death penalty system is broken and the voters have continually voted to keep the death penalty (“Inland juries vote for execution, but capital punishment is on hold,” Dec. 28). In 2012, California voters rejected Prop. 34, an effort to repeal the death penalty, even though the opponents of the death penalty spent more than $7 million in their attempt to repeal it.

Instead of trying to fix the problem, opponents want to throw the baby out with the bath water and abolish it altogether. The death penalty system in California is not beyond fixing. There are common sense reforms that would improve the system while still giving the accused their constitutionally guaranteed right to a fair trial. However, the Legislature has refused to even consider these reforms.

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